Bohr misunderstood the quantum theory

Experimental testing of the copenhagen quantum theory interpretation

I have made no bones of the fact that I believe that the resolution of the puzzles of quantum theory must lie in our finding an improved theory. Though this is perhaps not the conventional view, it is not an altogether unconventional one. (Many of quantum theories originators were also of such a mind. I have referred to Einsteins views. Schroedinger (1935), de Broglie (1956), and Dirac also regarded the theory as provisional.)

Roger Penrose

Welcome to the Solvay conference of 1927

Who was right – Einstein or Bohr?

They were both wrong!

Schrödinger’s famous cat experiment demonstrates a remarkable problem.
For Schrödinger, his cat experiment exposed the absurdity of the Copenhagen interpretation since for him an object the size of a cat is either „really” dead or “really” alive. According to Schrödinger, an uncertain transient state of a cat between “dead” and “alive” is physically meaningless.

According to Bohr, the issue of the cat’s condition before measurement, i.e. before opening the container where the cat is located, does not really occur, since quantum theory according to the Copenhagen interpretation does not describe the world as it “really” is but who it portrays itself to our measuring instruments.

Quantum theory does not describe the “real” world but only the result of measurements. Accordingly it is impossible to make statements about what condition the cat is in before the container is opened. But by opening the container, a measurement takes place, thus a collapse of the wave function (which describes the condition of the cat) and only then is a decision on “dead” or “alive” given.

The problem of the cat experiment lies precisely here:
Before measurement, no statement about the cat’s condition can be made. But after measurement, no statement is possible about the condition of the cat before measurement either for the same reason (i.e as the cat “objectively” or “really” is).

  Apparently no empirical criterion is thus even imaginable for an objective reality which does not include an intrusive measurement and in this way a reality independent of the measurement itself (i.e. objective) cannot be proven.

On the other hand, I have found a possibility of circumventing these special difficulties and of taking correction of the Copenhagen interpretation forward to a unambiguous yes/no decision in an experiment.

Schrödinger’s cat is only found in an uncertain state between “dead” and “alive” until it is measured. For quantum theory describes, according to Bohr, not the “real” world but only our knowledge of the world. According to this, the collapse of the wave function signifies only a modification of our state of information or of our knowledge by means of measurement.
Consequently, no collapse of the wave function is possible without modification of our knowledge!

Until now, attempts were made to rebut the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum theory by measuring without disturbing the system. This has failed.

For this reason, I wish to pursue the opposite approach, which is to disturb a system without measuring it, i.e. to bring about a collapse of the wave function without changing our knowledge of the system.

My experiment disturbs the system (i.e. prevents an interference) without measuring which path the particle takes. But without measurement, i.e. without a gain in knowledge according to Bohr a collapse of the wave function or prevention of interference is excluded, since the wave function constitutes nothing but our information or our knowledge of the system.

If this knowledge is not modified, then the wave function cannot be modified either!

But if it does so, then the wave function not only constitutes our knowledge of the world, but the world itself. Hence, the collapse of the wave function would be an objective phenomenon, as Penrose proposes, since it would occur independent of any measurement.

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